Old ghosts still haunt…

Vietnam veteran Robert DeLaCroix remains haunted by two incidents that occurred during the war, even after more than forty years since his honorable discharge. When he meets Jesse Martinson, a Desert Storm veteran and now a deputy sheriff, at a post-traumatic stress disorder clinic, he is challenged emotionally by her saucy demeanor. Following an armed robbery, kidnapping, and attempted murder, Roberto and Jesse are asked to assist FBI Special Agent Nube Lawson in the apprehension of the two felons and the rescue of the hostages. It is during the pursuit of the perpetrators through the Beartooth Mountains that Roberto, Jesse, and Nube encounter and have to deal with past personal fears and struggles.

A room without books is like a body without a soul.


A serial killer is gruesomely murdering teens in a small Minnesota town, and it’s up to retired special agent Nube Lawson to stop the murderer before he strikes again.

After the tragic death of his pregnant wife, Nube Lawson hopes to put some distance between himself and her memory. He retreats from the busy streets of Washington, D.C., and his demanding career as an FBI special agent to a small Minnesota town. He spends his days maintaining a golf course, playing a few rounds with the guys, and sitting on the porch with his dog.

His idyllic life is shattered when the mutilated body of a young woman is found in a gravel pit outside of town. The murder shakes up the residents and the local police chief, in over his head, pulls Nube into the investigation. As he circles in on the murderer, his interest in a single mother and her young son heats up. When the killer threatens the boy’s life, Nube vows to keep the boy safe at all costs.

Released in October 2011, The Fed Man is the first novel from author James Mohs.